At-Home Functional Health Programs

Optimize your health at home through a customized nutrition & lifestyle program that offers
personal attention, ongoing support and the option of diagnostic testing.



We are thrilled to introduce at-home health programming!  Whether you wish to improve your health through a personalized and ongoing health plan or are a Ranch alum or upcoming guest looking to optimize, maintain or build upon your results, these new offerings can deliver profound benefits regardless of your health and fitness level.

Led by Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner Bridgette Becker, who offers more than 25 years of experience, The Ranch Integrative Health Plan and The Ranch 360 take a complete and results-driven approach to health and healing.  Programs foster those practices that promote physical and mental well-being while uncovering and addressing the root causes of health concerns, rather than simply treating their symptoms. Through highly customized and comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle programs, paired with ongoing oversight, support and the option of diagnostic testing, you’ll discover the source of internal imbalances, treat chronic health concerns and maximize your health.

All levels are welcome! Bridgette will meet you where you are on the journey to healthy and balanced living to chart a custom, practical and attainable course, putting optimal health within reach and providing you with the tools to maintain it.

Programs include:

A goal-oriented and personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan based on a thorough intake process

Support and regime adjustments through 1:1 virtual follow-up sessions

1:1 virtual supplement review session

Comprehensive diagnostic testing, biomarker analysis (included with The Ranch 360 or as an add-on to The Integrative Health Plan )

Benefits can include improvements in:

Weight & Fat Loss

Strength & Endurance

Energy Levels

Athletic Performance

Gut Function

Mental Health – including lower levels of depression and anxiety

Stress Management Skills

Interpersonal Relationships


“While food and diet was the starting point of my journey with Bridgette, I quickly learned that her all-encompassing, multi-layered approach to wellness was what would change me…As a result of our work together, I find myself now restored with new energy, insight, confidence, and genuine excitement for continuing to improve and care for my total wellness.” – Gino B. Los Angeles, CA

The Integrative Health Plan

Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle Program + Ongoing Support

Working with The Ranch’s Functional Health Practitioner Bridgette Becker, The Integrative Health Plan begins with an extensive intake form, followed by a 60-minute virtual consultation to provide insight on all of the environmental, familial and historical factors that may be contributing to your current health. Based on your individual goals, and the intake, Bridgette then creates and reviews a custom plan with you during an additional 60-minute session.

Your personal plan, delivered within a week of the initial meeting, offers nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, including a 7-day meal plan, supplement suggestions, movement goals and mental wellness suggestions. A third 60-minute session, scheduled as needed, allows for review, regime adjustments and any additional questions to be addressed. A supplement review is also included to ensure ample time to discuss any supplements you are currently taking or would like further guidance on.

For those looking to upgrade their program with select diagnostic testing, clients can work with Bridgette to determine those labs that will be the most insightful based on their health goals and concerns.  You can learn more about the diagnostic tests offered here.

What's Included

Comprehensive intake form to provide insight on your health history, current lifestyle and overall goals

Holistic health plan including a 7-day meal plan with dietary recommendations, portion sizes, timing of eating, foods to include/exclude, therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle and supplement suggestions

60-minute virtual consultation to review your intake form and goals

60-minute virtual session to review your customized lifestyle and nutrition plan

60-minute virtual session to review progress, adjust as needed and answer questions

1 Virtual session to review supplements (30-45 minutes)

Support via email

Option to add individual diagnostic tests based on your specific health goals and concerns

“Working with Bridgette was truly life changing…Bridgette taught me how to care for my body and mind with nourishing delicious food and exceptional self-care. Her deep knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, food sensitivities and the mind-body connection benefitted me tremendously at a time when I needed fresh ideas, inspiration, gentle discipline, and accountability. When you work with Bridgette, she brings the FUN and is immensely supportive as you pursue a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable.” – Ritu F. Louisville, KY​



Diagnostic Testing – Biomarker Analysis – Integrative Health Programming

Designed to facilitate healing, restore balance and maximize your health and well-being, The Ranch 360 allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your body through diagnostic testing, personal attention and a highly customized, results-oriented program.

Under the guidance of Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner Bridgette Becker, you’ll establish your baseline metrics through tests including a Gastro-Intestinal Microbial Assay, DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel, Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis, Food Sensitivity and Blood Panels. These tests are analyzed, alongside your detailed health history, and can often uncover unknown imbalances at the root of persistent symptoms such as pain, weight management challenges, sleep issues, digestive problems, low energy, fatigue, mood fluctuations and brain fog.

To address your particular needs and goals, along with any internal stressors limiting peak performance, Bridgette develops a personalized and streamlined nutrition and lifestyle program (including meal plans and lifestyle and supplement recommendations). The Ranch 360 also includes 4 private sessions with Bridgette to ensure your progress and program are closely monitored and adjusted as changes take effect so that you have ample support and a safe and accessible point of communication for any challenges or questions along the way.

What's Included

Comprehensive intake form to provide insight on your health history, current lifestyle and overall goals

60-minute intake consultation

Diagnostic testing

Gastro-Intestinal Microbial Assay

DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel

Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis

Food Sensitivity

Blood Panel *

4 - 1:1 virtual sessions with Bridgette (60 minutes/session)

6 - customized meal plans

Supplement and lifestyle suggestions

Pantry clean-out guide

Ongoing tracking and review of and counsel on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes

Ongoing regime adjustments to optimize results

Ongoing content on healthy living based around your unique needs and goals

Ongoing support via email

* Price of blood draw not included. If blood is drawn at The Ranch, an additional $150 will be charged.

“The knowledge, support, empathy, and thoughtfulness Bridgette has consistently provided on each of our journeys together has been platinum standard, without exception. The nutritional, lifestyle and weight changes I’ve achieved cannot be overstated – life-saving guidance and success. Run, don’t walk to sign on with this incredibly skilled and compassionate human being. You will not regret it!” – Caroline N. New York, NY


Diagnostic Testing

Gain Insight - Uncover Hidden Stressors - Restore Balance

Included in The Ranch 360 and available as individual add-ons to The Integrative Health Plan, these 5 diagnostic tests work together to offer a more complete picture of how your body is currently functioning across multiple internal systems. When paired with your medical history, a finely customized program is developed with particular attention directed towards your personal goals and to help balance the areas of the body most impacted, in order to facilitate healing, restore equilibrium and optimize health.

For those interested in a program that includes some diagnostic testing, clients can upgrade The Integrative Health Plan, working with Bridgette to select those tests most relevant to their health goals and concerns.

 Gastro-Intestinal Microbial Assay

Symptoms of gut imbalance could present as digestive distress such as bloating, gas and constipation or mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. Dysbiosis (gut imbalance) can produce autoimmune and inflammation-related symptoms and changes to skin, sleep, weight and energy levels.

Your gut truly impacts every aspect of your health. It acts as an internal barrier to the external world, with at least 70% of your immune system in or around your gut. It is often called the second brain due to a direct pathway to your brain via the vagus nerve, and has a role in nutrient absorption, detoxification, metabolism and hormone and neurotransmitter production.

This stool test can uncover parasites, protozoa, overall gut dysbiosis, H.pylori, candida, protozoa, SigA levels and calprotectin so that a prescriptive plan can be developed to restore your gut to optimum efficiency.

DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel

Imbalances in the endocrine system may be the cause of concerns including metabolic disfunction, inflammation, fatigue and/or insomnia, mood swings, poor sex drive, high blood pressure and blood sugar abnormalities.

The DUTCH Complete Hormone panel offers the most comprehensive profile of reproductive and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites. Taken through multiple urine samples throughout the day, this test reveals the diurnal pattern of free cortisol, along with melatonin (6-OHMS), 8-OHdG, and six organic acids. Included are dhea, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and melatonin.

Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis

Minerals are the sparkplugs of your body, and necessary for hundreds of functions and enzymatic reactions, including blood sugar, adrenal and thyroid sufficiency along with your metabolic rate.

Just a small sample of hair can uncover the heavy metal load on your body and allows us to examine the ratios of these minerals, presenting a three-month window into how well key systems in your body are functioning and the best course of action to improve performance.

Food Sensitivity

Responsible for protecting you against infections, IgG (Immunoglobulin G) is the most common type of antibody in your blood, with the body retaining a catalog of IgG antibodies that can be rapidly reproduced whenever exposed to the same antigen. Through a finger prick test, our food sensitivity panel looks at IgG reactions for 94 food items and candida to inform you of those foods that might be causing an adverse reaction in the body, and help us develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your results.

Blood Panel

A comprehensive wellness panel, taken via a blood test, offers further insight into how your body is operating and can help illuminate any medical concerns raised in the other testing. Thyroid function, inflammatory markers and cholesterol are all included, providing a current baseline for where there is room to level up.

Biomarkers tested include:

CBC w/diff.
CMP (14)
C-Reactive Protein, hs
Fibrinogen Activity

Hemoglobin A1c
HNK1 (CD57)
Iron & TIBC

Lipid Panel w/ Total cholesterol Magnesium (Serum)
T3, Free
T3, Reverse

T4, Free Thyroglobulin ABV Thyroid Profile II TPO Ab
Uric Acid
Urinalysis Complete Vitamin D 25-Hyrdoxy

Meet Bridgette Becker

Bridgette Becker’s life work and practice are devoted to supporting people on their path towards balanced and renewed health in mind, body and spirit. As a Functional Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Instructor with 25+ years of dynamic experience, she has worked alongside pioneers in the field of nutrition, gut health, detoxification and chronic illness.

Known for her warmth, accessible knowledge, experience and teaching style, Bridgette combines both an evidence-based and client-centric approach when working with individuals, families and communities. She is just as committed to helping people on their journey of self-discovery as she is to learning the most current findings in the field to better support their progress. Through a collaborative relationship, clients are able to make connections between their familial and personal health history, current practices and needs in order to move from dis-ease to well-being. Read Bridgette’s full bio.