The Results

With a return rate of more than 50%, guests trust The Ranch to provide a memorable experience with changes to both their physical and mental health including weight loss, increased mental clarity and energy, and detoxifying in an active, healthy and sustainable way.

Guests begin their journey 30-days prior to arrival through a series of suggested exercise, diet and healthy living assignments intended to prepare them for their time on-site. Many guests start their health transformation during this period, gaining strength and losing weight before they step foot on the property.

While each person’s physiology, metabolism and general health is different, guests should expect results.  In our fitness and wellness programs, you will stimulate the mind and body through sustainable, low-impact exercise while enjoying healthy plant-based meals of non-processed foods.  This powerful combination increases metabolism, cleanses the system, supports immune health and offers a heightened sense of mental clarity and serenity.

Often guests continue seeing results upon returning home, with many having made long-lasting, impactful changes to their exercise routines and diets that were prompted by a stay with us. They break habits that have been engrained for years such as poor food choices, lack of exercise, excessive drinking and even smoking cessation. Medical improvement in cholesterol levels; higher HDL and lower LDL levels have also been noted.

In each of our wellness programs, the best results usually come from the guests who participate fully in the 30-Day Pre-Arrival Program, attend all programming, and stay in motion most of the day.

For those guests not looking to lose weight, they will still benefit from the mental clarity and an overall feeling of renewal that comes with our program. We can also accommodate their needs with larger portions and additional in-room food.

Expect to feel better both physically and mentally by the end of your stay with benefits including:


Read What Our Guests Are Saying

“I absolutely loved my week here at The Ranch. It was far beyond my expectations. I enjoyed everything: fantastic instructors, outstanding food, great accommodations, and wonderful massages. I feel healthier and stronger. I am definitely coming back. I met wonderful people at The Ranch, both the staff and my group. I hope this positive energy will stay with me until my next visit.”  lavender flower

“I came for the hikes and a kick start to a new fitness plan and fell in love with the program. I learned so much and I can’t wait to apply it.”

“The past week has been incredible. The hikes were challenging, and the food was absolutely delicious. I hope to take home many of the things that I have learned here at the Ranch and incorporate it into my daily life. Overall, AMAZING week!” Boots

“I will be forever grateful to The Ranch for helping me kick a 10 year smoking habit. The staff was so supportive throughout the week and helped to remind me of my goals along the way, so I didn’t give in to cravings. Nearly 4 years later I am still smoke free and have adapted a healthier lifestyle overall thanks to my visit!”

“I had a fantastic week at the Ranch! I came into the week in such a better place than I was when I visited earlier this year (both mentally & physically). The week was still super challenging but I am stoked that all of the hard work I put in between visits has finally paid off! I pushed myself on the trails and I was in the lead pack throughout the week with a smile on my face. It was also a great feeling this week to feel more like a Shepard to some of the “newbies” as well…encouraging them throughout the week and letting them know that things get easier…step by step! I am already planning my return visit so I’m looking forward to seeing you all again…even fitter!” leaves