Our Approach to Healthy Cuisine

We nourish you from the inside out, and let nature do the heavy lifting

Inspired by nature, our artfully prepared, organic plant-based cuisine is a highlight for our guests and a key component of our results-driven approach to health and wellbeing. The Ranch team has been cooking with plant proteins for more than 20 years and is passionate about offering complete, nutrient-dense meals with an element of surprise. This nutrient rich food fuels your active days, promotes weight loss and builds a healthier mind and body.

Research and care have been strategically stirred, sous-vide-d and baked into every nutritionally balanced bite at The Ranch. At our Malibu location, we primarily use ingredients sourced from our on-site regenerative organic certified garden or nearby farms. In Hudson Valley, meals are created using an abundance of seasonal, locally-sourced organic ingredients. Both locations are led by world-class chefs who are constantly adjusting the menu based on what’s in season, and draw upon the latest technologies and techniques to satiate guests with familiar flavors. Offering innovative, plant-based takes on classic comfort foods, the favorite meals of our guests include warm spinach and zucchini lasagna prepared with marinara sauce and the finest nut-based ricotta cheese, gluten-free pizzas with an ever-changing list of toppings and sauces, our signature Burrito Bowl, and a hearty yet flavorful portobello steak.

Sample Daily Menus

Plant-powered meals and snacks to fuel your active day

Organic and healthy meal on plate at The Ranch MalibuBREAKFAST: BLUEBERRY BUCKWHEAT CREPES

Group of people holding healthy food choices at The Ranch MalibuAM SNACK: 6 ALMONDS OR AN APPLE WITH RANCH CAVIAR (BLACK SEA SALT)

Taco salad in a jar at The Ranch MalibuLUNCH: TACO SALAD IN-A-JAR

Kale chips in a bowl at The Ranch MalibuPM SNACK: KALE CHIPS

Vegetable lasagna on a plate at The Ranch MalibuDINNER: VEGETABLE LASAGNA

Pink acai bowl at The Ranch MalibuBREAKFAST: AÇAI BOWL

Roasted cashews in small bowl at The Ranch MalibuAM SNACK: ROASTED CASHEWS

Colorful falafel salad on a plate at The Ranch MalibuLUNCH: FALAFEL SALAD

Organic popcorn in a bowl at The Ranch MalibuPM SNACK: RANCH GREENS POPCORN

Black bean and kale enchiladas at The Ranch MalibuDINNER: BLACK BEAN & KALE ENCHILADAS

Granola and fruit in bowl at The Ranch MalibuBREAKFAST: RANCH GRANOLA & FRUIT

Energy bar bits at The Ranch MalibuAM SNACK: RANCH ENERGY BITES

Organic burrito bowl at The Ranch MalibuLUNCH: BURRITO BOWL

Quinoa balls in bowl at The Ranch MalibuPM SNACK: QUINOA TAHINI BALLS

Organic broccolini pizza at The Ranch MalibuDINNER: BROCCOLINI PESTO PIZZA

Our Ingredients

Meet and maintain your health goals with each nutritionally balanced bite

Our daily diet features the finest fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes and seeds, while excluding alcohol, dairy, soy, processed sugars, diet sweeteners and gluten to aid in the cleansing and revitalization process.

Balancing protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fat and taste, our delicious plant-based cuisine is designed to sustain you through our active program, providing your body with the full spectrum of nutrients and enhancing detoxification. Our chefs focus on the quality of the calories used rather than the quantity, with ingredients selected for their nutrient density rather than for the sake of counting calories.

Guests enjoy meals in a communal setting at both The Ranch Malibu and The Ranch Hudson Valley. Malibu guests can enjoy warm-weather lunches at the outdoor garden cafe and a post-hike lunch at the beach. Those in Hudson Valley will dine in the estate’s sunroom, or in any of the al fresco seating areas around the property as weather allows. Mealtimes are also used as an opportunity to educate and discuss with guests the necessary tools for maintaining healthy nutritional habits long after their Ranch stay. We are mindful of portion sizes, which can easily be adjusted and increased for those not desiring or in need of fat or weight loss. We are experienced in and able to accommodate most food allergies or dietary requirements during a guest’s stay as well.  

About those almonds

Yes, on our morning hikes you will receive a small handful of almonds (generally about 6) with sea salt to help replenish electrolytes and fuel the body. It’s become quite our calling card over the years, but the purpose of counting your almonds is not deprivation. This snack is meant to bring awareness to how much your body truly needs to feel full, even while performing rigorous activity. Guests are often surprised that this snack does in fact satiate them as they are eaten with undivided attention, but they are always welcome to have more!

Weekly Cooking Classes

Cook well. Eat well. Live well.

A guest-favorite at both Malibu and Hudson Valley—Learn the secrets of our vegan cuisine with our weekly cooking class. Discover our chefs’ go-to ingredients, healthy counterparts to your pantry staples, must-have cooking tools to ensure effortless prep and of course recipe demos so that you can replicate your favorite meals from the program with ease. There is ample time for Q&A, and guests leave with plant-based recipes straight from our kitchen to further encourage healthy habits upon departure.


Source-to-fork at its peak

At the foundation of every meal is the use of fresh, organic ingredients harvested daily at The Ranch Malibu’s on-site regenerative organic certified garden. Acting as an endless source of inspiration, the fruits, vegetables and herbs that shape our daily menu are grown under the collaboration of our Executive Chef and Master Gardener. With an emphasis on maximizing the harvest in the space available, the garden utilizes regenerative farming to yield a bounty of crops. Menus and planting schemes are developed in concert, about 12 weeks in advance of the season, so that once-grown ingredients are sent to our kitchen at their peak, and guests are able to reap the benefits of these powerful plants. The garden is also nimble enough to quickly incorporate new ideas or specific ingredients, staying at the forefront of current trends and nutritional research. Guests can also enjoy a tour of our garden during their stay to learn the art of cultivating organically grown produce and enjoy a few tasty samples along the way.