Inspired by how we eat at The Ranch—plants, all day, every day—this new cookbook from our kitchen features more than 100 plant-based recipes for any meal of the day, along with snacks, desserts, dressings and hot sauces!

In this 250 page, full-color cookbook, you’ll also find recommendations straight from our Ranch chefs: their go-to kitchen tools, must-have pantry items and on-hand staples so you can stock your own plant-based kitchen. Throughout these pages, we also share their vast nutritional expertise in an effort to lend as much insight as possible to the foods you are eating.

Our goal is to inspire you to take a more plant-conscious approach at-home through nutrient-dense, easy-to-make cuisine tested by real people, not expert chefs. We celebrate seasonal spins in each meal category, in addition to showcasing a variety of entertaining menus, including a complete Thanksgiving Dinner!

This cookbook is the next best thing to having our Ranch chefs in your kitchen!

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