Rose Marigold
Plant Bar

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With ingredients harvested directly from The Ranch’s 2-acre organic garden, our hydrating body cleanser offers a refreshing, paraben-free lather that softly cleanses skin, while pumice powder provides gentle exfoliation and hydration.

The glycerin-based formula acts as a humectant, pulling moisture from the air to hydrate, while delicate marigold petals provide a beautiful touch that both soothe and smooth skin.​ Egyptian Rose Geranium essential oil helps balance congested and mature skin, has natural antioxidants and strengthens and tones tissues. It delivers an uplifting and calming effect that can ease fatigue, tension and anxiety. Combined with the oil’s anti-viral and anti-fungal properties you’ll help to strengthen immune function and well-being with every use.

Each set comes with three 6.5 oz bars, two of which include the guest-favorite pumice feature, which helps to boost circulation.​

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  • How to Use

    Take a few deep inhales and lather all over the body and rinse. Keep the bar dry in between uses, so it lasts longer. Spend a little extra time on dry spots like the knees and elbows for deeper exfoliation and hydration. The pumice side also makes for a fantastic post-beach treatment to remove tar from your heels. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Ingredients

    Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, glycerin, elaeis guineensis (palm) oil, water, sodium hydroxide, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed Oil, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, aveena sativa (oat) kernel protein, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, pumice, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower powder.

  • Benefits

    • Coconut oil is nutrient-rich, naturally cleansing and an incredible emollient to restore skin.
    • Vegetable glycerin, a humectant, attracts moisture and delivers intense hydration.
    • Pumice powder gently exfoliates and promotes circulation.
    • Egyptian Rose Geranium essential oil helps restore balance to congested and mature skin, has natural antioxidants, strengthens and tones tissues and is antiviral and anti-fungal.
    • Marigold petals soothe and smooth skin.